Going From Blogger To WordPress

So on with today’s topic which is my transition from Blogger to WordPress. Prior to even trying to use WordPress I did some research on it and I found some pretty juicy bits like, 10 of the top 20 most popular blogs in the world is powered by wordpress. That was a pretty amazing feat. I did my research quite early when I had that ‘vision’ and only recently (last week) that I actually started using it. At first I really had a major headache using wordpress because the interface is really like a maze and everything seemed to be hiding away from me. The first thing I tried to do on wordpress was to try out the post editor as I heard is was pretty advanced and very simple to use, in reality it was really very simple to use indeed and compared to the one present on blogger; WordPress’s one was light years away better. Then after that I started flipping through the interface which soon became much more explained and exfoliated. After running through all of the tabs on the right hand side of the page I decided to play around with the appearance of the page. Choosing a theme is really a pain in the ass and I literally took 3 days to come to the decision of the theme I’m currently using now.  As is said earlier I did some extensive research before stepping in to the game and while I was playing around with the themes I found out that the free version of wordpress actually really sucked. The free version basically only allows you to add some simple widgets and change the title and description and that’s about it. Even a simple font changing requires the paid version. Well I said to myself that I’ll just try using the free one for about a year and see how it goes. Overall the whole process felt a bit hard but in the end I’m loving wordpress now.


One thought on “Going From Blogger To WordPress

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