Hi, let me introduce myself to you. I’m dickwyn and i’m from a multiracial country commonly known as Malaysia and i am currently situated at the capital of the country, Kuala Lumpur. This year i am 17 years old and i like food and technology really much.  My favorite shows are The Biggest Loser, The Big Bang Theory, House Of Anubis, Mythbusters, and The Simpsons. Jumping into more of myself, i am a person who writes with the left hand, my favorite color is red, and i have a certain attachment to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. This is my comeback to personal blogging since i left my personal blog 3 years ago, as to what i’m going to blog, that i’m still a bit puzzled as i have not decided a nominal topic to write about but currently i’ll just write down what i encounter in my daily life. My passion is a the heart of technology and i’m what you call amateur in this field. My virtue in technology is on computers and mobile devices, so feel free to ask me on twitter (@dickwyn) about anything related to this topic and i’ll try to answer them. You can also hit me up at the following social networks:

Well prior to this i did think it up a bit and for this whole year i’ll be utilising the hashtag #iChange on twitter and google plus. Talking about things i currently do, i am personally running a tech blog and i’m still in the last year of high school. There are many reasons why i opted to go for WordPress and one of them is because according to the internet WordPress is the best blogging solution out there. But in the midst of that i was considering this new crowd sourced platform called Ghost. I was actually quite impressed with it because of the clean and super simple blogging UI and plus one of the guy behind this is an ex-wordpress developer, he even went ahead and said that WordPress is complicated in the introduction video to Ghost. Well that platform is still not out yet but next year i might try it out and i’ll maybe just leave wordpress for it. Well you can learn more about me by going through this blog of mine here.


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