The Day After SPM

Need For Speed Rivals

Its the first day after finishing SPM and i went to Avi’s house to do a video shoot on the new Need For Speed Rivals game. I have to say after staring at avi play the game for 2 hours i can really see that the graphics of the game looks really better and the rain is more pronounced this time around. Especially that the game was being played on a big screen the graphics and rain effect looks more realistic, too bad i did not try out how it looked like in 3D, that would have been pretty sweet. After recording some gameplay i then shot the intro and outro video which took quite some time because of me not remembering the script sentences and then the external audio not syncing and even talking in front of the camera which was not recording. Overall i had a fun time recording the video. After that avi treated me to the subway which he owes me because he lost a bet with me a few weeks before. I forgot to take a few shots of the subway i ate for lunch. I then reached home about 2 and slept till the evening and i woke up and started editing the video. I have to say that it was a pain in the ass at first because the FRAPS video could not be imported into vegas pro, but i did find out eventually that i was supposed to convert it into another simpler format before editing the video because the gameplay video is basically having the copyright label on it. That’s about it for what i did the day after SPM. Well here i am writing about my day one day later, that’s how busy i am. I’m still not quite fond of using wordpress, i still prefer using blogger but i will get used to it someday. Here are some photos during the recording process taken by the expert photographer’ Avi’
Prep work before going on cam

styling my hair before doing the intro

while shooting

while shooting

the intro shooting from various angleswhile shooting

1080P looks soooo zoomed in with the tripod like a few feet awaywhile shootingi think this is the part where i was mad because i said the word wrong again (take 7)


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