So, the semester begins! | Week 35


Today is the 57th independence day for Malaysia and this year I do not feel the patriotism mainly because previous years there were like celebrations in school but this year I didn’t do much anything patriotic, well i’ll continue on…

In a blink of an eye, 4 weeks have passed and I can firmly say that out of the long list of things I was supposed to do during this time period I only did like 20% of it. My last minute skills actually helped me to complete a couple of crucial tasks I was given a whole month to complete and I managed to complete most of it in a few hours. Started off the week bright and early with the alarm ringing, i’m actually quite surprised that these past few days I did not oversleep. As usual i’m back at checking in all around the place, first day of class was not too bad mainly because the only topic of talk is the course outline and a surprising talk about the new Blackboard learn application which is supposed to keep us more up to date with announcements. Classes throughout the week went quite smoothly and i’m really not fond of the timings for classes this semester, everything is so packed and the worst part is that I need to come every day. My future/upcoming timetable has also received a lot of changes this week, class replacements, class cancellations, public holidays (yay?) and also events.

The most eye-opening inclusion of the week is the club & society recruitment or as they like to call it C&S recruitment. When I voluntarily signed up for it, I was expecting more enthusiasm by sunway students. That clearly didn’t happen, it seems that students are not keen on joining PCV for one clear reason, certificates are not easy to get. Instead everyone was pouring into SSV next door because certs are quite commonly given out due to the various fields of activities the members get exposed to. Overall, it was an interesting experience; of course I did spend it with a group of people who are quite creative in forcing recruiting members to join, we all had a great time.

In things other than life, Apple has finally sent out invites for a September 9 event in which they will indefinitely show off the iPhone 6. As usual, the invite baffled people’s mind and at first my mind was determined that the iWatch was not going to make an appearance during that event, but after watching this week’s episode of Apple Byte, I was instantly brainwashed. The facts which Brian mentioned were quite plausible

  • Event will be held at where Steve Jobs announced the Macintosh 30 years ago
  • The original iPhone was announced 6 months prior to its sale
  • There were no physical leaks of the original iPhone
  • Analysts speculate the iWatch will go on sale early 2015

Overall this week was quite different compared to previous semesters and I managed to end the week in piece. Moments ago I learnt something about wordpress the hard way, drafts will not auto-save when you are in the quick post page. I don’t know why it’s like that but it was also my fault for accidentally closing away IE, some part of the problem is also with IE because usually in chrome if something on the page is not saved a popup box will be prompted when you try to close the browser. Next week will be a busy week indeed, classes will officially start and IFA 2014 will also be happening in the same time and yes i’m totally excited for the Galaxy Note 4 as well as the Asus ZenWatch. Till the next blog entry, maybe next week or maybe not…


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