my love for blogging has inherently come back

dickwyn selfie?

I’m beginning to get used to wordpress…

The past few days I’ve been doing some extensive reading of personal blogs and one thing I noticed is that majority of blog owners who express their personal feelings are likely girls and other than that, there’s this style of writing which I’ve begin to notice. Because for the past few years I am used to writing blog entries in lengthy paragraphs and casual blogs actually tend to use the one sentence oen line style which ends up making the entry look more spacious and frankly more easier to digest compared to my current style of writing which is don’t end the paragraph until the matter is done.

Similarly, I’ve been looking back into my past blogs which were created in the pre-iPhone era around 2008 when I was just starting to understand the internet. The entries I used to write felt a lot like twitter, I would basically just express the incidents/happenings of the day and that’s it, nothing extra. Well I can’t blame myself, there is a reason why twitter became popular and during that time besides having a facebook account everyone indefinitely had a blog where they would somehow channel their thoughts to more specific readers. My short length-ed entries last time could also be because my vocabulary wasn’t that wide and come to think of it back in primary school, essays were like 120 words and it was tough enough to achieve that goal.

Nowadays i’m writing extensively long articles about tech and although I don’t pump out 20 articles a week like how I did when I first started off, my articles/reviews have since then become more higher in quality. Besides that, on a daily basis I write a ton of things on my digital notebook and maybe i’ll consider channeling those ‘things’ on to this blog.

Another thing which I’ve come to notice about other blogs is that unlike their entries, mine sounds a little too robotic. Not much personality in my opinion, I don’t know it’s just my style of writing, maybe more reading might help me find my true blogging style. Change is needed and if you know me well enough, i’m the kind of person which likes things to be symmetrical and you know one end being longer than the other just isn’t for me.

Reading back my previous entry about my Freescale Trip made me feel lost, I don’t know why but since the trip, I’ve written two full length entries about it and somehow after I wrote it my mind was sucked into depression. It felt like my emotions were inevitably gone for vacation or something. Mentally speaking, that trip has changed me a lot of ways and made me have a whole new perspective towards other people and ‘her’…

This is undoubtedly the first ever entry on this blog where i’m not going to even edit, basically what comes to my mind, i’ll just type out without any hesitation. In the future i’ll be doing more of these kind of articles and as each new entry goes live my true style will inherently reveal itself…somehow. I’m liking what i’m typing here and for a long time coming, my love for blogging looks to be back and it’s here to stay, I can feel it


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