Well that was a year

There’s a few more days left in this year and i’m here sitting on my usual seat sighing about the year which has just passed. From going to college to following the latest updates, here’s what i’ve been up to for the past 12 months. From the start i was busy looking for universities to attend despite just completing SPM and little did i know that my choice would end up like that. As they say, the most unpredictable will happen when you least expect it. 3 semesters of college work later and what i’ve learnt so far is just breathtaking if i look back. 1 year ago i didn’t know anything much about computer programming nor calculus in detail but looking back now, i have a firm understanding of what to expect in higher education. My view on it hasn’t completely changed but i managed to understand the fundamentals behind managing studies in college/university level. It’s a lot like in high school but without the extra baggage of teachers constantly reminding and more of self independence, basically you have control over your studies (for real now). Throughout the year, i have met a lot of different new people each time, there really isn’t a time where you’ll have that same old conversation with anyone like in high school. Everyday is literally a new day and it’s hard to predict what’s coming next. There were definitely times where i felt the lowest in studies and just wanted to give it all up but in the end i did in fact pull through.

Just one of the days
Just one of the days

Yeah, besides learning some new subjects i also learnt how to navigate around using public transportation. After all that bus ridding, Malaysian public transport isn’t that bad (still not as good as Singapore’s), the busses itself are quite comfortable and the only thing i dislike about it is the timings of certain busses.

Visiting Singapore for two days was also something to remember, visited two landmarks i’ve been wanting to go for a long time. well let’s make that three including the new low cost airline in malaysia AKA Klia2

Well i did visit East Coast Park, and cycled to for an hour to find Amber Beacon from 小小传奇
My first Moly drink, really loved it
The departure hall, the new airport is as big and grand as they say. Also has a warmer color tone compared to KLIA

In the midst of studying i also managed to squeeze some time to attend my very first launch event, it was for the Lumia 630. I have to admit that, well the first few times i went to the launch it felt a little awkward going all by myself representing a small blog like mine. But soon enough i made friends with a couple of bloggers and attending the launches didn’t feel like a chore.

The launch of the Lumia 630 at BSC back in July
The launch of the Lumia 630 at BSC back in July

Concurrently after that, i finally after all these years had my try with windows phone as a my personal phone. With the Lumia 630, i am privileged enough to jump onto the windows phone bandwagon just when it started to become more appealing to users. After using it for a couple of months now all i can say is that it’s really a solid operating system; it’s like a small town, simple and clean. Well along the way i did feel the pain of transitioning from android but there are still some problems with windows phone which i hope will be solved as the time passes. Today, most of the time i’m still carrying two devices, windows phone is still lacking some apps which i use daily *cough* google apps *cough*.

The decisions i’ve made this year has been quite unexpected and at first thought it felt a little stupid but here i am, feeling happy about what i have fulfilled this year. Next year is going to be even full of work, have a lot to catch up before transferring to the university. One thing that i hope is that i’ll continue to update my blogs and not neglect them like i did this year.


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