The tale of 5 vouchers and 3 books


This week was the third week of classes and everything is OK, physics isn’t as hard as i thought it would be. No, this entry is not about my hardship in understanding physics concepts; Today i am writing all about the BB1M vouchers which are given out to all Malaysia students currently enrolled in a college/university in Malaysia that is.

So, earlier this week i collected my 5 vouchers which in total had a value of RM 250 and can only be used to purchase books (stationeries are not counted as educational items). Despite the implementation of GST last week, books are thankfully excluded from the taxation unlike prepaid reload cards which makes the vouchers’ value the same as last year.

Book Hunting

Speaking of books, i’ve made use of the vouchers just yesterday. Well, the vouchers are technically valid through 30 June but i was just eager to pick up this book. That particular book is entitled, HTML & CSS.

The main reason i picked up the book is because of the printing and the design of it. Usually with tech savvy books, it’s either the printing is bad or the typography is bad. But with this book, not only is the typography and printing is high quality but the information covered are displayed in such a pretty way. Looks a lot like a book about visual design rather than a book on programming.

Pondering the book on the internet is one thing and getting the physical copy of it is another. I actually went to both Popular and Borders to look out for the book. Popular basically did not carry the book and Borders did not have the book in stock and ordering one would need to take about 3 months plus their system at the moment is down.

Then i went back home empty handed and soon enough i thought of giving kinokuniya a call and yes they were also out of stock and they told me the book has already been ordered and will only come in June. My last resort was to give MPH a try, i tried calling the one at One Utama but nobody answered my call.

Eventually after a few calls i just went there personally and yes, i did manage to bag the book back home. The question after that is what other books can i get with the remaining  RM 80. I looked around MPH, the place looked a little dead with special interest books. Back then when the store still had 2 floors, there was a lot more shelves of books.

I was even contemplating to buy a cook book but at last i stumbled upon this book about User Experiences. That costed about RM 50 and then i needed to find another book which is about RM 23. I already knew that none of the profession-centric books will be priced like that so i went to the children’s section.


Looking through the shelves of books reminded me of my childhood and viola i found the book to buy. The book is no other than Captain Underpants written by Dav Pilkey. Just a few month’s back i was writing a book review of the first installment of Captain Underpants and i was surprised to find out that Dav Pilkey has continued the series.

I picked up the thickest book there which was the 9th novel, was actually keen on taking the newest 12th novel about the revenge of the talking toilets (apparent continuation from the 2nd novel).  But that one was quite thin, nevertheless i picked up the 9th novel which was all about the return of the evil scientist from previous books.

I’ve read a far bit of the book and i can see why the book is so thick, it’s because the book touches upon a lot of back stories.

MPH Extras

So, for the three books all i needed to pay was RM 2.40. Personally i don’t usually buy books because i could just get the ebook/pdf version of the book which is more convenient to read but then again i must take advantage of the vouchers before they expire. Also, i don’t know why they didn’t just give us the vouchers at the start of the semester so we could buy textbooks…

For that RM2.40 i paid alongside the RM 250 BB1M voucher, MPH gave me quite a number of ‘extras’. For every RM 50 BB1M voucher that i used, i was entitled to an RM 5 MPH voucher but i used up all the 5 RM 50 BB1M voucher and there was a better offer which was 10 RM5 MPH vouchers (RM 50 in total) which can be used to buy any stationeries and books (excluding magazines). The vouchers were valid for 1 month only.

Well, that didn’t stop there, next the cashier said i could choose between a tumbler or a tote bag. Obviously i chose the tote bag over the tumbler due to it’s versatility of use. The final extra is that i was given a free MPH member card which will be able to give me discounts for future purchases.

Overall, i am quite content with what MPH gave me in terms of extras. I know that Popular is also giving out RM 50 popular vouchers and also a free popular card when using the BB1M vouchers but they didn’t have my book. Also,  i was surprised that the employees working in MPH One Utama was so nice, not sure why they didn’t answer my multiple calls earlier (maybe i got the wrong number?)

Below here i’ve uploaded some glamour shots of the HTML & CSS book, it’s a real piece of art. After the images i have also included the terms and condition for the BB1M vouchers from my University department.

HTML & CSS by Jon Duckett

HTML-and-CSS-Jon-Duckett-coverHTML-and-CSS-Jon-Duckett-printing HTML-and-CSS-Jon-Duckett-contentHTML-and-CSS-Jon-Duckett-image

– Malaysian students only who are, at point of issuance of vouchers, in the country; and
– Currently undertaking Diploma/Undergraduate/Postgraduate programmes only.
– RM250 per student (each student will receive 5 vouchers in total).
– The BB1M Vouchers are valid until 30 June 2015.
– Upon collection of your vouchers, immediately:
i. Check that all vouchers are stamped with the institution’s official stamp.
ii. Immediately write the following on all five pieces of vouchers received:
 Your name (as per NRIC);
 Your NRIC no.; and
 Your contact no.
– All vouchers may be used at any of the registered book stores (please present your Identity Card).
– The vouchers are only valid for purchase of materials that are relevant to the programme, which may include academic/journal/magazine/scholarly materials.
– Difference of purchase exceeding the total value of vouchers shall be borne by the student.
– The BB1M vouchers are non-transferable, non-convertible into the form of cash and non-sellable to any third party.
Additional information
Some registered book stores include:
– MPH;
– Popular;
– Times;
– Kinokuniya; or
– University Book Shop.
For other book stores, please enquire with the stores directly on the possible use of these vouchers.

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