Concluding this story

picture of the paper just before the exam started #spyshots

It’s saturday night and as usual, this entry should’ve been completed days ago but laziness has hit me yet again. It happens. A few days ago, i completed my first and last finals paper for this semester which means i’m officially done with my studies here in Sunway. Surprisingly, i actually quite liked studying physics, sure there is a lot of formulas being used but overall it was a great learning experience to understand how to calculate values of some electric components like resistors and capacitors.

I am sure this knowledge will somehow be useful in the near future as i’m moving towards more electronics programming which somewhat requires some calculation so that i don’t end up frying up the electronic components. It’s happened, burned a couple LEDs already because the resistor value was too low. Also, never directly connect any electrical component to a raw 3.3/5v power source, it’s not gonna live.


In some other updates, i’ve recently got my hands on the official Raspberry Pi case from the Raspberry Pi foundation. It was announced last month and after waiting for 3 weeks and some delays from GDEX, i got the case. Bought it from RS Components for RM27 and the best thing is that shipping is free, compared to element14, the price of the case through RS was a little cheaper even when the exchange rate went up.

The case itself feels ok, it’s basically just plastic but they put some thought into the overall design and there are some good choices and also some bad ones. I’ll be writing a full column at the Tech Today tomorrow (i think, hope so) so watch out for that article. Well look at me, promoting my tech blog on my personal blog…

My not so professional photography skills

Well, back to the original story. It’s just days after completing my final exam paper, feeling good at the moment but there’s still a lot to do before the month comes to an end. Still feeling a little uncertain about the future but it’s all part of the experience in life, nothing can be predicted.

Moving forward, i will be blogging a little bit more frequent since now i have the time to do so but it’s going to come down to my will power to prevent me from sleeping through the hot days. Have big plans for the rest of the month but whether i can complete all these tasks is yet another question.

That is about it for this entry, will be writing up another one later this week and by then, things might look a little different that it is now. See you in the next on =)

photo from last week.



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