Today is a public holiday and yet another religious festival in Malaysia, these days public holidays don’t mean anything as classes are usually modular.

Writing a blog post usually starts with a title and the body of the article needs to be as inspirational and at the same time relate to the writers feelings/mindset.

I’m back to writing on wordpress this week and although i did not write this earlier, at least i made i back here before the weekend starts. Beginning to forget what day it is and usually when it is a public holiday, all the relaxing time with family and a stroll in the shopping mall makes it feel like a weekend moment.

The week is nearly over and there is some questions still unanswered from the previous post. Some things have definitely been changed and some questions have been answered but the future is still undecidedly blur for me. My vision at the moment is just a week away and i’ve yet to make plans further than that.

Everything goes by the flow and this not so futuristic planning model has taught me to enjoy life and live by the moment. Sure it might feel a little weird at the moment but moving with the flow has it’s perks.

That should be all for today, see you in a couple days


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