Humanitarian efforts through coding


Microsoft is making some waves this month, next week they will be finally releasing Windows 10 to everyone out there. Not all will get the update on the day itself as indicated by several reports but it’s safe to say Microsoft’s servers should be ready for the volume.

But before that happens, Microsoft is giving developers the fun time with the official release of Visual Studio 2015. The IDE itself has been in some sort of a public beta/preview since last year and the RTM version released yesterday is stable and ready for Windows 10.

You can download Visual Studio 2015 for free through (the Community edition is only free).

Alrite, on to the real topic of discussion for this article. Its all about a new app project by the guys over at Microsoft. To celebrate the launch of Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft gathered teams of developers to create a application/service which helps in disaster prevention. The app is being developed for The Humanitarian Box which is a subset of the Red Cross.

Basically what these developers are aiming for is to create an application available through mobile and web which aids the community in sharing their disaster preparedness efforts. It’s something like a social network but only for these kind of community events to raise awareness.

You can read all about the allReady app they created during the three day event here

But what does saving lives have to do with Visual Studio? Well, the team is leveraging the new tools in Visual Studio to help them create a base application to work on within three days. Something like a hackathon but the product is indeed going prime time.

I became interested in this project when i saw a teaser video on YouTube about the project and now that the 4-part video series is live, i’ve taken some time to watch it. Is it awesome, definitely and inspiring documentary style film which shows how to manage writing code in such a scale in 72 hours.

Check out the teaser video below.

Of course, as a not so experience programmer, some parts of the video is a little technical with some tools in Visual Studio Online that i am not familiar with. Very motivating video to help you jumpstart a project as it shows how an effort now will save a lot of problems in the future.

The entire series is about an hour long and even if you’re not into programming and all you should totally check out this application. This will indeed make a difference when the time comes.

Enjoy the 4-part video series below.

That is all for me today, another entry should be up during the weekends. So, until then.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


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