Burgerlab for lunch


I think this is the first time ever that I am blogging about food here and this is somewhat of a breakthrough moment. Basically every single day of the week I am talking all about technology but I do watch Masterchef.

Today, in this inaugural blog post I will be talking about lunch at MyBurgerlab. If you are not familiar, MyBurgerlab serves burgers. Nothing too surprising about that as the name already clearly identifies itself as a burger establishment. They started back in 2012 and today they have 4 restaurants located around the Klang Valley region.

The first MyBurgerlab was opened in Separk and then followed by OUG, another one in Sunway and the most recent opening which is located in Cyberjaya. The Sunway store is their flagship store out of the four and the place just opened earlier this year. If you are a student in Sunway College/University or Monash University, you should be quite familiar with the MyBurgerlab HQ just right outside the side gate of Sunway University.

Or if you do follow them on social media, you would’ve seen them tease about their flagship store.  I am not exactly sure when did it officially open but I do know that it has been a while and I have quite a number of friends post instagram shots of the food (obviously not the place itself) and also check-in there.

I did try burgerlab back in 2013 and that was my first and last time doing so, until this week.

Back then, burgerlab only opened during the nights but with the opening of the Sunway branch, they are finally opening lunch service hours which are restricted to certain days and locations too.

See, I have proof of that. Through the instagram timestamp. Now that’s one of the advantages of social media, it is like your personal time machine. Provided you actually leave some traces behind.

Just savor my somewhat bad photos.

Mmmmm #burger #myBurgerLab

A photo posted by @dickwyn on Jun 19, 2013 at 7:59am PDT

Back when I still edited photos through Photoshop, these days I try to get the best photos outright when taking the shot and I will do some minimal editing with Photoscape just because it’s not as CPU intensive as Photoshop.

Editing some #food

A photo posted by @dickwyn on Jun 19, 2013 at 6:56am PDT

MyBurgerlab Sunway

So, on thursday I finally visited the Burgerlab’s flagship store located just next to Sunway College. The place itself is quite easy to find and just head to the lot which is all black and has the MBL:HQ branding.

Surprisingly, there was no one there to open the doors for us. Yeah, my expectations we too damn high! It’s not like it was some kind of high end eatery.

Stepping in to the counter (not literally), the cashier was quite enthusiastic in recommending what’s good on the menu. I ended up getting the hotdog since it was a relatively new menu item.

At first glance, the place does look quite big, but that was my view from the front counter. Going in to the seating area, not so much. This is also the first time they started having a second floor and whilst the second floor was not open during lunch, I could see that the seating area is about the same as it is in the bottom.

The top floor is basically a deck which silhouettes the space not occupied by seating on the ground floor. Somehow, I feel that the seating is a little cramped on the ground floor. Maybe it’s just the images that they posted on instagram show a more wider layout than it actually is. That’s what you call smart photography.

Hotdog with Satay sauce

Price was OK, RM 17 for the combo which included fries and a beverage alongside my hotdog.

Interestingly, they did not bake a charcoal bun for the hot dog like they do with most of their burgers. But nonetheless, the bread encapsulating all the meat and condiments tasted pretty good. I am no bread expert.

One thing I noticed is that they’ve engineered the hotdog to stand upright and amazingly, the satay sauce on mine did not fall off. It looks like a marvelous engineering at first but I found out midway eating it that it was a combination of clever plating and the right ingredient choice.

That bread itself is actually only cut a quarter way in leaving the base untouched and that is why it is able to stand upright the whole time. This is particularly important as you don’t want to instagram a broken down hot dog.

The combination was as expected, the satay sauce was a tad bit sweeter than I would preferred and the pickled onions and cucumbers were a nice touch. Although you can clearly see there is a slice of cheese, while eating, I could not taste it at all. The satay sauce totally covered over the cheese which was supposed to give that creamy feel…i think?

Technically if you’ve eaten a good amount of satay, you would know that the peanut sauce is actually a very good condiment for basically anything savory. I like it best drizzled over plain rice.

This combination is exactly what it is, a good hotdog with a hearty serving of satay sauce on top. I would totally recommend trying this and the price is quite Ok when you compare it to a equally sized burger at McDonalds or the Coney dog from A&W.

I’m done for this article, see you in the next one which should be the weekly wrapup




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