The true meaning of Thanksgiving

This blog is not dead again, today is thanksgiving day and I think is the the best time to make a comeback. I actually do have quite a bit to update on this site about what I have been doing for the past three months but I still have not found the time to sort out all the photos from my recent trips.

But since today is thanksgiving, it should be the time to reflect on what happened in the past year. Today, I heard a warming story of the meaning behind Thanksgiving day from a fellow American and the concept behind this holiday which happens every 4th Thursday in November. It was initially thought to be a celebration between the Native Americans and Pilgrims to share the table with the years’ harvest and being grateful for the help being provided.

While the tech world might very well be revelating about the Black Friday sales which comes right after Thanksgiving day every year, this joyous holiday is deep down still about sharing the table with just about everyone as the holiday itself started as a platform for two parties to share what they have achieved in the past year (in food/produce that is).

I know this might sound a little random but this is my first time hearing about this story and I thought it was quite meaningful. Prior to this, all I knew about Thanksgiving Day is that it was a holiday where there will be a big feast (including the stuffed turkey) which will be shared with friends and family. Come to think of it, the Thanksgiving feast and Christmas feast looks pretty identical.

If you are interested in getting the full backstory of Thanksgiving Day, just head on over to the nicely written article on Wikipedia here

I might as well talk about what happened today while I am writing a new blog entry today. Had a small session today regarding the procedure before transferring to the states. The talk itself was really nothing out of the ordinary but I did learn that you can actually get a ‘buddy’ through the International Student Office. I shall try to get one when I’m there.

Beyond that, today was also the Thanksgiving ceremony which is where I heard about the story of Thanksgiving and also a lot of deep quotes from the two opening speeches. Just think about these quotes

Today is not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning

In the end, everything goes back into the box (with a inspiration voice)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have since then been reflecting on what happened in the past two years since SPM ended. I have definitely not regretted the decisions I have made and also accepted the delays and setbacks I have been faced with but I just can’t stop thinking how life would be if I hadn’t chosen this path.

Till the next time (hope I’ll manage to write a few entries before 2015 ends)


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