A good deal


It is like a dream come true, I am finally the owner of a Lumia 1020. While I am not the actual owner of this striking white phone, at least now I have a piece of Nokia history. I was initially looking out for the older 808 Pureview with the larger 41MP sensor but there were no second hand options out there. Never would I imagine that I will have the Lumia 1020 in my hands.

The phone was initially listed for about RM650 but I managed to bring the price down to RM 580 which is a reasonable price. I will be mainly using the 41MP sensor as a camera to replace the QX10 as I am able to directly share pictures taken with the camera straight onto twitter and instagram. It’s a little easier for mobile blogging or during launch events.

As you can see, the other listings of the Lumia 1020 are either priced way higher than what I managed to hop onto. I’ll just take this as my personal birthday present.


Besides the camera hump that houses that 41MP sensor, I also loving the AMOLED display on this device. It is still a simple 1280 x 768 display but it rounds up to 332PPI which is in Apple terms, a Retina Display. The colors on this display is just absolutely beautiful, maybe it’s because I am used to the dull colors on the Lumia 630’s LCD display. But, Windows Phone does look marvelous on an OLED display, the colors just ‘pop’ off the screen. Another thing is that the outdoor visibility is just superb, the screen is still perfectly vivid under direct sunlight. Good thing the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 series comes with an AMOLED display, excited to test that out tomorrow.

Performance is actually something that surprised me, I was well aware that the Lumia 1020 comes with the age old Snapdragon S4 processor but the Lumia 1020 is one of the rare Windows Phones to have 2GB of RAM back in the days. The camera is definitely a little slow and all but it is actually slightly quicker than taking pictures with the QX10. In auto settings, the camera will take a picture in under 4 seconds.

Pictures in the other hand is a mixed bag, I am still getting used to the camera. The white balance on this camera is so horrible, but the good thing is that there’s some manual controls to tune the image and that adds another second or two to tune the image. In a short conclusion, indoor photos are not that accurate in colors but shots taken outdoors look very nice.

This is with the QX10 on auto mode
And this is with the Lumia 1020 in full auto, the difference in color and sharpness
The Lumia 1020 tends to over expose the image and get the wrong white balance.
Yeah, the white balance is totally off with this image.
The focus is a little swayed in this photo.
Indoor photo, colors are off.

Ttil the next article, probably next week or later this week. And yeah, still sorting my photos from Shenzhen.



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