Phew, that was some year

Here I am writing this entry on Monday as an early preparation to prevent my bullishly bad timing to kick in. By the the time this blog entry goes live, I’ll be on a plane headed to my next journey. Pre writing this article was most definitely required as I have a pretty bad track record of publishing articles late. Mostly has to do with my laziness. But this assures that it does make on my blog within the correct time frame. I’ll try to fix this bad habit this year.

Another year has passed yet again and 2015 has been a fun year for me. Did a lot of unexpected things, had happy moments, sad moments and did some downright cool projects this year. So, this is a little recap of what happened described with lots of photos and a short (and long) caption.

Went onboard the Boeing 787 Dreamliner not once but twice when flying to  Sapporo. It was an amazing plane.
You just gotta love the Dreamliner’s big windows and electronic shade
The land of temples, visited Chiang Mai. The weather was mostly great
Visited Japan, a blog post of this should be up in the next few weeks.
Tried our Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard. Full first impressions here
Tried the Apple Watch, aw…yeah! It actually felt pretty solid in the hand but the price is the bomb. Hopefully the second generation Apple Watch will include a more iconic design.
Tasted raw squid in Japan. Basically only dared to eat the shorter bits and I nearly bit my tongue
Lived in China for 2 months and yeah, a blog post is coming on this.
Beautiful views and weather in Ningxia, China
The Freescale Cup really caught me by surprise as our team had no experience whatsoever with programming a microcontroller. It was tough at first but ended up being very fun and I’ll just take this as a good experience. I call this the car that never listens. Read the full story here
Group photo!
FRDM-KL25z ,the heart of the machine. Had a lot of fun with this board
Got into the Raspberry Pi world. Read my first impressions here
Here’s something that I have not talked about to anyone yet but I built an entire website out of scratch this year. It took about 3 months to complete and I am currently still working on perfecting it before it gets published later this year. Check it out here
Found a physical OnePlus Store, they have overflowing stock of the OnePlus 2 and in China, OnePlus doesn’t implement the invite system.
Was at the Apple Store during launch day. Full article here
Made some new friends
Lived in the same room with two cats
Said goodbye to an old friend

Looking back at this article, I have actually traveled more than I usually do. This article ended up being a little too picturey that I had first envisioned it to be. I was initially planning to write a whole essay but pictures somehow dominated the storyline this year.

Well, I hope that 2016 will be an even exciting year for me.



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