Day 31: All about the food…like literally

Day 132: The bear is still grumpy

Three week since it last rained here in Arizona, hope I don’t end up jinxing the weather. Arizona is beginning to enter the Spring season with a pretty good average temperature of 20 degrees in the afternoon. It is still freezing cold 8-9 degrees in the morning with the wind and the absence of the sun. I love the weather right now, just the right amount of cold-ness and the sun balances the temperature off in the afternoon.

31 days in America, this is by far the longest I have ever been away from home and it’s also my furthest journey so far. Hopefully, this entry does get completed on time so it wouldn’t sound so wrong to say Day 31. I’m still working on following a tight weekly update schedule here, I could have written an entry last week but I was feeling somewhat lazy last week.

Was at the color run last weekend, that’s why I was busy


Can’t quite remember where I left off last time so I’ll just talk about the food here in America. For one thing, nobody (who I have asked) knows what is the native food of Arizona. This state is like the typical american type place where everyone loves hamburgers and they do have a soft spot for Panda Express which does taste like chinese food but with a little bit more salt and pepper here and there.

So, until I find some native Arizona-ens, I’ll just take it that the native food here in Arizona is the typical American hamburger and maybe also a Mexican food since Mexico is just nearby. The reason why nobody knows what is the native food here in Arizona is that most of the Arizona residents have migrated to another state because the weather here is just too damn hot for them and most of the people living in Arizona is people from West and Central North America where the winters are freezing cold (*cough” New York snowstorm)

The somewhat typical lunch I have been having for the last week or so. This looks like breakfast but I usually just mix it up as brunch instead.
Having a fork and kinife is always a good sign, that means free food!
Free food.
Free food
I totally did not cook this briyani
Microwave food
In-N-Out burger. Mmmm…
The good ‘ol vacuum sealed ramen
My second attempt at frying rice
One of the more appealing macaroni shots that I have.
I cooked this once and only once.
One of my marvelous inventions, throw everything that’s in the fridge on a plate and heat it up in the oven.
Tried some sushi earlier this week. Pretty good stuff
A classic meal, Hotdog and some Onion rings
Tonkotsu Ramen, hand made using locally sourced ingredients and the mini market only offers this ramen every Saturday in ‘limited quantities’
I don’t even know what banana sauce tastes like

My mouth is now watering after looking through all the food photos I have taken over the past few weeks. Now it’s time to get some dinner! Till the next time.



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