First Spring Break

Ah, Spring Break. The week that passed by in just a blink of an eye. Spring Break is just a glorified name for a mid semester break here in America and as it’s name suggests, Spring Break happens during Spring and the week long no-class period is the time to do anything. Similarly, there’s also a Fall break which takes place during the Fall semester and should not be confused with Winter Break which is the period between the end of the Fall semester and the start of the Spring semester. While all American colleges (or Universities) do follow the same Fall, Spring, Summer semester system, different institutions have their own semester start date and thus the Spring Break week does differ for places.

Time does fly real fast when you’re not noticing it. This is my 10th week here in America and the experience so far has been pretty amazing. Meeting with new people every week and the cool thing about these big classes is that you meet someone new every class. The bad news here is that, it’s not easy to make quality friends during these big classes. Unlike everyone else I know which have jumped over to the state of Califronia during Spring Break, I have been stuck in my room completing my assignments that is particularly due the week after Spring Break. All is not lost, I did manage to brush up on what I have learnt in the first half of the semester but frankly speaking, some of these classes don’t even have final exams so what has been tested previously will never come up in the next quiz/exam.

Done with the first 8 weeks of the semester and there’s 6 more weeks left before Summer is here…

But here it is, in a couple of images of what I did during Spring Break. *excluding the assignments* mainly because I didn’t feel the need to take picture of me typing out my assignment.

2016-03-08 10.47.43
Did a lot of cooking during Spring Break
2016-03-08 23.07.13-2
Went on a house/apartment hunt for the next semester. Still having a little dilemma about where I am going to stay.
2016-03-09 10.46.39
The usual faces
Night photography?
Annnd, the Galaxy S7 arrives
Had shaved ice. Pretty good actually, ice cream at the center is not a good idea though
The annual Aloha Festival
Lined up 15 minutes for this ‘award winning’ fried soba noodles. Apparently it’s Hawaiian
Had dinner at the only Malaysian restaurant around. The ‘Nasi’ wasn’t too good, probably due to the canned coconut milk opposed to fresh one we have in Malaysia.
Watched my first movie in America. Zootopia was pretty good, lots of laughs

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