It’s over

Semester review

Day 127 of my journey here in America. Today, I hit a major milestone. At 4:30PM, I completed my last final exam and also my very first semester here in America. It is hard to believe how fast time has passed, feels like yesterday that I just arrived on campus and staring at the Sun Devil Stadium and thinking about the future. It is such a surreal feeling and I have to say that this semester is way better than what I was expecting.

Firstly, the subjects that I enrolled in was very meaningful. When I first picked the subjects and also in the first couple of weeks, I had my doubts about why I even picked such subjects. History, Philosophy, Statistic (well, I didn’t have a choice on this. it was a required course). History turned out to be pretty fun and interesting mainly due to the approach that the professor took in the lectures and philosophy challenged the basic beliefs I have. Statistics in particular is something that surprised me. I did approach the course like how I did with every math course and it mostly worked up until how exam 2 happened. Studied way too much for that exam but only got middling results. It was a damn right challenging course as most of the concepts being discussed are totally new. But I have to say, after doing it for 15 weeks. I kinda like the hypothesis testing and probability distributions. This course actually makes a lot of sense on solving real world problems.

But classes are just part of the experience. The other half of the awesomeness is the activities and people that I met all around the campus. I was expecting to meet only a handful of people this semester but I totally exceeded that and met with dozens of people. Through class, clubs and public events. The Americans that I have the opportunity to meet are dynamic and interesting people. Most importantly is that these people have their own strong opinion on something. Most of them are pretty chill with their grades going downhill which is something that I should learn to accept.

That is about what my mind can think of right now, I am a little sleep deprived from finals and I’ll probably write another entry in a couple days time when I get some good nights of sleep.


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