Morning thoughts

This morning, I did something different.

I woke up at about 9am and I could already feel the productivity flushing in.

Compared to the time that I slept and woke up during the last few weeks of the semester (I consistently woke up at 4am if anyone was curious), 9am is pretty late. But comparing it to my routine for the last three weeks, it is an improvement.

I don’t quite know what has gotten into me in the last couple of weeks. I do have plans to do thing but I just keep on wanting to sleep. My daily routine was basically waking up, doing some work and after eating lunch, I just took a long nap. This happened quite often lately. I have personally felt that this has to stop but didn’t take much action on it. So, I have been questioning myself about what have I really been doing for the last couple of weeks since the semester ended.

Today after waking up, I felt more sober than ever. I know that’s not the right word to use but you get what I mean. The fun of relaxing after the semester is evidently over (I hope) and moving forward, I am looking forward to making this entire Summer as productive as ever.

To be frank, I was under the weather for the most part of last week but I still managed to pull through to complete a couple of things. Being sick made me think about what I could have done if I wasn’t sick.

One of the things that I have been thinking is my productivity workflow. Before coming to America, I had done a lot of research about college/university life here in the US but after completing one semester, I personally think that I was somewhat unprepared for everything. I thought I was prepared, but I wasn’t.

Time to get down to work!


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