My first wave of reviews

I am finally done with this. I was initially targeting this to be published the week after the final exam but as it turns out, writing a course review is not that simple. But I did manage to complete all the reviews and I am pretty happy with what I managed to come up with and my initial goal was to average in about 1,000 words for each review and I managed to exceed that goal.

In total, this took me a little over two weeks to complete. I took about a week to write these 6 reviews and I did try writing all of them in one shot but I couldn’t. My mind could only focus at evaluating one course a day. After writing a rough draft, I used a couple more days to refine the grammar and the structure to assure that these reviews are as good as they could be.

This is something that I have been wanting to do since the start of the semester. And the biggest reason why is that throughout the semester I have asked people countless of times about the experience that they have with a particular class taught by that professors. Things like exams, workload, grading and homework are part of the conversation because often times, the ratemyprofessor reviews can be a little inaccurate and lack of depth.

This is the first time that I am doing such a segment and I didn’t bother to research on other creations that are online so I’ll just start off with talking about the things that I usually ask. All I can say is that at the time of posting, this is what I have. I would  value your feedback on what kind of things that I might have missed in my review and I would gladly update the review to include that information provided that your request is not too much in the future that I forget about the deep details about my experience in that course.

It is not easy to talk about everything as some things like talking too much (in detail) about the assignments and tests are in violation of ASU's Academic Integrity Policy

Throughout my reviews, I try to keep them as wordy as possible. I don’t think images are necessary in such a review but each article does include a featured image that I specifically chose. That image is my representation of the course when I think about it. Also I have bold(ed) some words in the review which point to the important aspects of that class so do take note of those keywords.

College experience, it is what you make of it

Within each review, I have included an ‘At a glance’ segment at the very beginning of the review which gives you the rundown of the course itself and also links to the Professor’s profile alongside the link which brings you to that course’s ASU course page. Additionally, each review also comes with a conclusion which is not too long and you can take it as a TL;DR part it you don’t have the time to read my story.

But, that is about it. The you can check out the reviews through the links below and just remember that your experience may vary because it really depends on what you make of it. This is how life is, you can’t expect everything to be easy

My course reviews for Spring 2016

  • FSE 100 with Professor Yinong Chen — An introductory engineering course that revolves around projects. Read this review
  • ENG 101 with Professor Ivan Wolfe — The first of two fresman level english courses that is required by ASU. Read this review
  • PHI 101 with Professor Douglas Portmore —  This is my first time learning about philosophy, it’s quite an interesting course I would say. Read this review
  • HST 109 with Professor Jonathan Barth — American history from the start till the end of the civil war. Read this review
  • CSE 120 with Professor Martin Reisslein — The basics of digital logic with both theoretical and practical work. Read this review
  • IEE 380 with Professor Linda Chattin — More statistical formulas and concepts than you can imagine. Read this review

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