It’s been three years

Three years ago today, I decided to jump the gun and finally try out WordPress. Up to that point of my life, all I knew was blogger. I still remember when I first tried out blogger around the year 2008 (same year that I opened my Facebook account), opening a blog was all the rage back then and I distinctively remembered this trend where people had this blogger gadget which was basically a link to friends blogs. That was one of the coolest things on my blog back then and not to mention the chatbox. It came in different colors and anyone could ping a message onto my blog. Those were the days.


Moving back to the original story, I published my very first entry in this blog on 6th June 2013 which is three years ago. When I first started on WordPress, I had my doubts about the platform because my mind still thinks that Blogger is far superior. That explains the big gap (nearly 1 year) between my 3rd and 4th entry. But I still find it hard to believe that I actually made it through three years and I never planned to write this entry. I just somehow looked through my blogroll while writing my professor reviews last week and realized that my third year on WordPress is coming up real soon. Such a coincidence.

I guess it was fate then.

But since that first entry went live, the biggest change to this blog is the domain which I recently changed to from which still works as a redirect. Also, I did change the theme a couple of times but things like the header image, title and tagline still remained the same.

Why I made the switch to wordpress

It was around 2013 and my tech blog was progressing at a steady pace and I felt that it was time to go back to  having my own personal blog. Since I started crazily posing stuff on Facebook, I seemed to have stopped writing on my previous personal blog(s). Initially, my plan was to have it on blogger but the domain was seemingly lost. Apparently, the domain is linked to my old blogger account which was part of my hotmail account. Back then, Blogger wasn’t restricted to just google accounts.

It is still a mystery up to this day about what lies in that old blogger account. But anyways, blogger didn’t have the domain I wanted and I certainly didn’t want to add numbers or random characters behind my name to form a domain. So, I tried making an account on WordPress and to my surprise, the domain name was available and damn was I a happy boy. Having the domain made me want to try out WordPress even more.

After three years, I finally understand why people choose to start their blog. Everything on is simpler than blogger. You don’t need to tweak the html code or google how to do something on a site, everything is nicely laid out in a clean graphical interface with toggles and menus doing all the hard work. Additionally, the post editor is simplified and comes with modern features like automatic sharing and meta tags. If you use blogger, you know how bad the post editor can be and the fact that the interface tends to bog down after extended periods of time makes it even worse.

I’ve always seen as the easier version of Blogger

However, I won’t deny that I am actually running my tech blog on blogger. I kept it there mainly because it is more cost effective to run it on Blogger compared to because Blogger is a completely free service from down to up. in the other does feature a sleeker interface with modern tools but extra features like template tweaking, extra media storage and even a simple domain mapping will cost money.

I won’t be using google analytics to run conversion rates because frankly, the pageviews that this site generate doesn’t matter. But likewise, google analytics is an important part of my tech blog as I use it to visualize my work. This site in the other hand is primarily for me to just talk about what is happening in life, random things and also serve as an extension of my life on social media. Quite a number of topics that I have been rambling about on twitter usually ends up on this site. I won’t be needing those features expansive features on Blogger, all I want with my personal blog is a simple platform and that is what managed to give me.

I definitely envy the simplicity of but I am still hoping that google will revamp Blogger with some new features. It does look like Google is building up to that big release as they have been quietly optimizing certain elements in the last couple of years.

What’s next?

2016-06-07 01.04.26

I know, I haven’t been positing very much in this blog since it opened in 2013. 38 articles to be exact (excluding this one) and that averages out to about 1 entry per month. But as I mentioned in an entry earlier this year, one of my goals this year is to post on this blog more often and I plan to stick with that. Currently, I am working an multiple drafts destined to be published when the time comes. Stay tuned for those entries as they are totally different than what I have been previously covering.

It’s pretty amazing that I managed to stay on with blogging on wordpress because I had my doubts about using From the start, I already knew there was limitations with their free platform. So, here’s to more years with WordPress.

That is about it for this special edition article. For the time being, I will be staying with wordpress but I will be actively trying other platforms like medium which has been a pretty hot platform these days and also facebook’s notes platform.



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