Making America Great Again?

Disclaimer: This is the most baseless entry I have yet to write on this blog. Kindly pardon some of my naive-ness and negligence in this matter.

Come January 20, 2017, America will be appointing Donald Trump as the 45th President of The United States.

Honestly, I am neither angry, sad or happy about the results for this election. I do have a slight preference towards Hillary Clinton winning this election but only because she would make history and give the female population the confidence they need that anything is possible. That’s all.

This morning felt like a usual day but things changed drastically in class. My english teacher came in the class feeling quieter than usual. Just the other day she told us that she was afraid of the election results and so during class, she tried to talk about her thoughts on the election results and after just a couple of words, she started tearing and was on the verge of breaking down.

She just started crying

This is my first time experiencing a teacher cry in front of a class. I have seen other teachers cry before but not in front of a class.

She then proceeded the class with her sunglasses on and tried to teach the class. Honestly, at that point, I felt like crying also. Not because I’m sad but I understand what she is feeling. As an American, of course losing an election is a shitty thing.

I knew it coming in this country this year that a new President will be appointed

I have also been told that Americans don’t like to openly talk about politics.

I also understand that at the end of the day, politics really goes down to personal preference.

To be honest, I have never really quite followed the US Elections this year. Only up until till recently that I started taking attention about it and learning about the various policies and changes that the candidates are fighting for. Prior to this, the only thing I knew about the elections is that Trump is a funny guy (contextually speaking) and that Clinton is the one fighting for the minority groups. But even after doing extensive youtube-binging and clicking on lots of internet links, I still don’t know the big picture about the candidates.

I guess that is the nature of politics and why some people choose to support one candidate over another. Everyone is just looking at one part of the story and concluding from there.

And especially with the election this time around. Social media and the internet today is so advanced and everything said by any party can be fact-checked. The use of social media this time around is wild and crazy. The thing about social media is that things like facts and opinions can be easily manipulated based on the preference of the publisher.

Simple reason why people who support Hillary Clinton thinks Trump is going to lose because the algorithms built into Facebook is designed to show you only things that you like. It’s that amazing. The same thing goes for the Donald Trump supporters that think Clinton is going to win. All of this is based off the expectation that you conceive your standings through social media.

Facebook and Twitter has been real crazy in the last 24 hours, all about politics. Glad that it’s finally over but it’ll probably take a while for this election fever to go away.

But the reason why I brought up the topic of social media is that I have been reading long and short remarks online about the election results. Most of the things that I have read on my Facebook is that people are surprised that Trump won the election and that people are feared for the next President.

I am no political expert here but I know that there’s no reason why we should be afraid of the new President. The United States is built on the foundation where the President only has partial power over rulings. But then again, Trump has shocked the world by winning the elections.

Honestly speaking, I was somewhat expecting Trump to win the election but not by a landslide win but more of a close tie between him and Clinton. What this shows is that Americans do like him despite his lack of political experience.

Either way, I am looking at this from a positive view. I don’t think that Trump winning the election is a bad thing. This is politics after all and that I only know part of the story, maybe it’s much worse than I could imagine. But anyways, if Donald Trump can win the election, I presume that he can try to be a good president.

Hope he keeps his promise to Make America Great Again.

Here’s President Obama’s speech about the election results. His speech is probably the most meaningful words I have heard this whole election.

Side note: Why the hell is WordPress just displaying the link for the video. They need to fix this. It looks perfectly fine in the post editor but not in the published entry. Zzz.


2 thoughts on “Making America Great Again?

  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s always refreshing to see someones take on this madness that hasn’t been following it regularly.
    People are afraid because of the rhetoric that Trump used in his campaign. He alienated certain groups of people entirely from his “Great America” both directly (Muslims and Latinos) and more indirectly (say the LGBT community by picking the Pence as his VP).


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