Truth on the internet

For months now, I have been wanting to talk about this openly and I think it is the right to to talk about this.

The internet is full of lies.

There’s no denying that fact.

Everyone is stuck in their social bubble due to the algorithms that internet companies integrate into their platform. The illusion of validity proves once again that their algorithms are right.

There is no doubt that the advancements of technology have brought upon this trend of falsifying information on the internet.

But does truth have a true home on the internet?

This semester, one of my focuses was doing intensive research on topics related to the class material. Since ASU is a research 1 university, it was no surprise that even the lower division classes focused strongly on research. What I learnt a lot about is that each source type has it’s own credibility. But even with the validity based on the source, these kind of sources can also be invalid.

I spent the bulk of my time this past year on social media. More than I ever spent in a year. In the past, what I share on social media is merely just random bits and pieces of my life and this year I am shaking things up a bit by introducing more personal stories and encounters. Being actively sharing information on social media is years in the making. I had an idea that there will be a time that I will take advantage of the potential that social media platforms like Facebook and twitter has to offer. That time is now here.

Being openly public on social media is my choice. Some people might still have reservations that government agencies are spying on their online data but I believe that having an online presence and understanding it is important in surviving the 21st century.

It is my choice to publicize certain information. I have spent the last couple of years figuring out what exactly that I want people to see and what I want to publicize. That meant googling (and even bing-ing) myself to see what search engines can pull up about me. I have made it relatively easy for people to stalk me on the internet. But not by chance, I know what people will know about me when they look me up on the internet.

Why am I doing this, well in managing my online presence, I can protect my information. Sounds a little counter-intuitive but what this means is that I am still in control of what people know about me. At the end of the day, it goes down to my online privacy and relating back to the title of this entry which is about the truth, I do personally believe that the internet should be more truthful.

I can’t say that I am 100% truthful on the internet, but I try my best to keep things legit. Sometimes, lies really is necessary because being truthful just doesn’t cut it.

Things that I publish on the internet is not by accident nor is it by chance, it was a decision that I spent time making.


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