Fall is over

For the second time this year, the semester is over yet again. Unlike in Spring, this semester was hard, like literally. But education won’t be fun if things were easy right?

I’ll be talking mostly about my expectations and the reality of this semester in this entry and I’ll leave the nitty and gritty stuff about the classes that I took in my class reviews which I am hoping to complete by the end of the year. I was really, hard pressed at getting it done by the time I was done with the finals for the class but that clearly didn’t happen. Right now those reviews are like 10% done.

Over the Summer I actually listed out seven(7) goals that I wanted to fulfill in this semester. Most of them were just things based on what I noticed during the Spring semester. Sadly to say, I only managed to get 2 out of the 7 things that I set out to do. I’ll just talk about what I managed to achieve this semester and just leave the other 5 things for another day.

The first of the two in my list was to make more friends. I didn’t clearly define what I meant by making friends but how I calculated was based on my interactions with them. One of the biggest reasons why I have met with more people this semester compared to the last semester is because I was more outgoing that I usually am. Being more outgoing and doing things that I wouldn’t usually do was my second goal of the semester.

It all started with E2 camp where I had an amazing time, then came orientation where I met with lots of interesting thing and then finally is the club that I joined this semester where I became closer with a couple of people that I previously met. Honestly speaking, I am not much of a people person. I don’t have much friends. I know a lot of people from school but never in my life that I had this many friends that I can actually talk to on a personal level.

The friends that I have made this semester (each and every one of them) will always have a special place in my heart. Although I might not be the most outspoken one, I have experienced a lot of things during this semester while interacting with them outside of classes, during camp and casually on campus.

If I were to describe this semester in one word, it would be ‘unexpected’. Everything that happened this semester was really beyond what I could predict. Like what I learnt during Philosphy 101 last semester, at the end of the day, everything goes down to determinism. What’s meant to be will eventually come to place. It felt like all of these chain of events that happened this semester is based on my decision but I believe it’s fate that put everything on the table.

The things that I did this semester was so unexpected to the point that I just felt lost at times. Lost in the sense that my mind was blank.

But overlooking at what I did this semester, the thing that I am most worried about all semester was my grades. Compared to last semester where I didn’t have much friends, I spent most of my time studying rather than going out and socializing with others. I can definitely said that I didn’t study as much as what I liked but I think everything turned out pretty well, I guess. We’ll see about it.

Looking forward to doing some meaningful things during the winter break.



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