The time has come

When I decided to come to America to further my studies, I worried about a lot of things. As usual, I kept these thoughts to myself. I have gone through some crazy stuff in the past so I knew that coming here was not going to be much of a challenge. The craziest thing that I can think off my head is the time where I was completing a physical training routine during camp. But it was raining that time and I was having a fever and huge headache. It’s so amazing that I managed to even survive that.

Most of my worries about coming to America was resolved within the first week I arrived. Funny thing is that I was real scared about jetlag the most because of the stories that I hear but I never faced any jetlag at all. And also recently, I resolved one of the last worries that I had about transitioning to a new environment which was to make friends. I really thought that was the end and that I can properly enjoy my time here.

It’s my 350th day away from home and the unexpected converged with the unexpected.

Turns out that my biggest fear has come back knocking. I was expecting such a thing to happen but it seems that over time, this fear just slipped off my mind. This is something that I have never ever experienced in my life. I’ve always seen this situation as a grand time for people to create PSAs on facebook but today I have experienced it first hand. My mind is like flustered because one side is going towards the inevitable truth and the other is edging towards the feeling of remorse.

But life has to go on, I will take this as motivation to work harder.

I’ve so gotta clear up all the articles that I started.

I’ll start it tomorrow, having a huge headache right now


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