The crux of communication

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been diligently working on this workshop in partnership with ASU and NCRC. The content is mainly about conflict resolution and I am particularly focused in the different communication styles that people use when interacting with others. Although, the general idea is that an individual chooses a communication style that they feel most natural to. But, it is possible to “stereotype” on the communication style an individual belongs to.

One of the things that these workshops aim to do away is the idea of having biases and stereotypes against other individuals but here I am implying that stereotyping others. Well, this is a rather tangled ideation so I’ll stop here and cut to the chase of this entry.

I have so much of things on back-order lately and I think I am beginning to catch up with things.

Communication is key. It is an integral part of getting things done and the reason why I took some time to discuss about the workshop is NOT to try to market it. I already do it more often than I would like but it serves as a purpose that I am stereotyping people into these communication groups and then using strategies based on the workshops that i did in order to address the possible needs that people with another communication style needs.

This seems to be working my way, but the problem is that it doesn’t work two ways.

It’s like a one way thing, I might get it right but the other person most likely doesn’t.

it is just frustrating to be honest, and one reason being that I feel most natural to the communication style defined as indirect communication and emotionally expressive. What this means is that I am likely to absorb things more often than I would like to and only when it gets repetitive that will I start to confront it.

Like what I end up directing participants to the workshops. The communication style they end up choosing is not wrong by any means. It is just how people communicate with others.

But I feel it to be very conflicting that I know the logic behind this communication style and even try to reverse engineer it but it is still bugging me. I guess I will need to absorb more of this problem before confronting.

I know, some things are better to be confronted on the spot. There will be consequences to the style/way that I am approaching these things. There are a lot of other variables to consider other than just putting the consequences of this on the table and deciding based on that. I wish it were that easy but this is becoming a complex issue. A deep level of depth I would say.

This post is a great example of my communication style. This has been engineered to interlock the details within complex words and it is not by mistake. I wrote it in a way to preserve the thought but in a very indirect way.

But most importantly, is that I would like to vent out some things here rather than doing it on Twitter. I have been real negative on her and twitter lately.


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