Acknowledge others

Today I did something pretty amazing

For the first time ever, I felt that I was genuinely empowering others with my voice.

I can’t quite explain how this feeling is but it felt like some energy was going by my entire body.

The amazing thing that I am referring to is the workshop that I did this morning. I practiced all night for it and boy was that practice worth it. This workshop is by far the biggest one that I have facilitated. I have finally understood the idea of dominating the content that is being presented. I took charge of the room with my presence.

What I did was definitely amazing and I could never have imagined that I could do something when I decided to sign up for this rollercoaster ride of a job.

But the empowering feeling and gist of this post did not come from my performance during the workshop. It was only part of the feeling. The big chunk of that feeling of empowerment came with the feedback that was provided by my trainer and other co-facilitators. They gave me constructive and positive feedback on what I did during the workshop and those responses were not something that I noticed about myself.

My mind was filled with the small bit where I missed out but looking a the bigger picture, I did more good that I could remember.

Which brings me to the topic of this post which is to acknowledge others. One of the quotes that in the workshop that is quickly becoming my favorite one is “the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say”. This closely relate to the fact that listening to what others have to say is important because it shows your presence in the conversation and that you are acknowledging what they are about to say. What they say might not be to your liking but the more you listen, the more you understand.

Acknowledging is something that you don’t think makes much of an impact but it actually does more than just create presence.

The person you are acknowledging feels that energy that you are trying to empower them with. You might not be aware of that empowerment based on something you just said lightly about but as the saying goes “a kind word can go a long way”. The similar sense that a simple acknowledgment that someone is doing something good or just giving you that smile when you enter the store shows that you are aware of what they’re doing it.

But then again, acknowledging someone just for the goal of manipulation is yet another problem that might come up as people take advantage of the situation.

Bottom line, I strongly believe that acknowledging others in a positive manner will go a long way. This not only feels good for the other person but also acts as something that we pay it forward. Giving out is always better than receiving.


Let it go!

If you don’t let go,

You will not be able to move forward,

To see the road ahead,

Humans have memories and feelings,

Only your heart can see what matters the most,

your eyes can’t see things that are truly important.

I have been posting too much negative stuff in this blog recently, I hope this is the last of them.

These posts are not necessarily negative in the sense but how I came of writing them is from negativity. But instead on focusing on the bad side of things, I tried pulling out the positive outlooks from them.

I never wanted them to be negative in any way but they just tuned out to be negative because of my mental and physical state when I was writing it.

I’m not just like learning new knowledge this year but I am also beginning to understand another side of myself. The side that even I didn’t knew exist. I guess this is what you call like evolution where things change or you can also call this the potential that I have yet to harness. I believe that it is the latter. My potential is being brought out in these situations. Trying to draw out positive energy from the negativity that is in my life.

So, let’s get on to it.

“every cloud has a silver lining”

I have heard this quote being used in multiple occasions in the past. I knew the definition it was trying to go by but I never quite felt it applied to any situation in my life. Not until recently.

I don’t know how to put this out but I was slammed in the face with a very deadly failure (in my mind that is). In the past, I was able to resist going into such a state when I was hit with failure because I was expecting it. This time around, the outcome turned out to be the complete opposite of what I was expecting. I am on the road to failing a course in university.

My initial reaction was a pretty usual one but as I assessed the problem much closer, I began sinking into this depressive state. My emotions was flying just about everywhere. One minute I am happy and the next minute, my whole world is gloomy.This thing lasted for about 2 days…I guess. I was sinking deeper and deeper into this depressive state but I didn’t quite show it to others when I meet them. That is one of the silver lining of this problem. At least I am not indirectly affecting the mood of everyone else.

It was definitely a weird two days, I am actually pretty surprised that was actually still up and running doing other things that I needed to take care of and not being antisocial and reflecting my internal mood outwards.

I’m supposed to be like explaining how this quote plays into my story right?

Let’s leave this story for another day.