Living the perfect life

Picture perfect, that’s what they all want you to see.

Everyone wants to show their best side to their ‘circle of friends’. In this day in age, that is pretty easy to create the look that you are living a perfect life. Social media (and soon messaging applications with the advancements of ‘stories’) is such an easy way to manipulate what actually is happening. There is a lot of way you can manipulate such a perfect life. One way is to curate and perfect what goes online. I have some deep knowledge about curating these things as I have been doing it every single time last year. Its fun but also a complicated matter.

Where it gets complicated is trying to perfect it. Every word, pixel and down to the emoji choice will feel like a make it or break it moment. Everyone has their own style and that can be apparent with in the instagram world where there’s always people having different styles for inserting them hashtags. Some put it in the comments, use special symbols or just plain link it after the description. It’s all up to personal preference and if someone makes their own style too unique, one might end up feeling that this person is trying to like “show off” with their style which was clearly copied from another person.

The problem with updating your status or posting something online is that there’s always some sort of expectation. Whether it be the number of shares, likes or even comments. Maybe an interaction by a specific person. That’s what I have been noticing about my behavior in the last year that I was keeping track of my social interactions. Sometimes its for the number of likes but most of the times I just need that one person to hit that like button for me to feel completely complete about something.

At the end of the day, It really goes down to perception and timing. Given that nearly every online sharing platform uses an algorithmic timeline, you can trust them to hide some random ass information about that friend that you don’t remember exist but always felt jealous about. When it hits you on the right time where you find out some interesting scoop about that friend you don’t quite know but is your friend on facebook is doing grander things than you are. That’s the point where you start reflecting on your life and saying, my life is a complete mess compared to that person.

Does social media cause stress. I would say absolutely but not every time. But these kinds of stress will come up. Seeing some achievement or happy thing that your friend is enjoying can drop your state of mind from ok to totally bad. I know a lot about this because this is one of the things I have been looking into the past year. Based on my interactions that is.

And probably the worst thing that can happen is that the status update / photo that your friend posted online that you are following gets deleted. That feeling makes you feel damn right paranoid by thinking what the damn is that person thinking posting something for like 2 hours and just making it disappear. Deleting something that has already been sent out to the social world is on top of my list of disgusting things that just bring chills to my spine. I used to do it but I stopped because why delete it, what’s done is done. Unless the motive of that was just to lure the attention of somebody or group. I’ve done my fare share of luring by deleting posts in the past so I know. But then again you can talk about privacy on this but that makes things much much more complex.

Then again, this is just my perception. This is my blog after all, so I do have the right to voice out my thoughts. Also on that list of things I feel is disgusting is not posting things and trying to act cool. I am doing this myself so just forget about that last point.

Why am I writing about this?

For the most part, I just want to get some things out of my mind

Another reason is that I really get tripped off by these social and messaging platforms while doing serious work. They really throw me off. Scrolling through these platforms while doing homework or studying is probably the stupidest idea and counterintuitive for productivity. So lately, I have been trying to just shut myself out of these things while doing actual stuff to minimize time wastage. Especially my phone, I usually just throw it in silent mode but that has cause its fair share of problem imo.

I will continue this topic in another time.


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