Uniquely Brazil

My journey of realization in Brazil. from Malaysia to Brazil


First Spring Break

Ah, Spring Break. The week that passed by in just a blink of an eye. Spring Break is just a glorified name for a mid semester break here in America and as it's name suggests, Spring Break happens during Spring and the week long no-class period is the time to do anything. Similarly, there's also …

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Day 31: All about the food…like literally

Three week since it last rained here in Arizona, hope I don't end up jinxing the weather. Arizona is beginning to enter the Spring season with a pretty good average temperature of 20 degrees in the afternoon. It is still freezing cold 8-9 degrees in the morning with the wind and the absence of the …

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Hello America

Well, this is a little awkward. This entry was supposed to go up last week but only today did I remember that this is still a draft. Gotta work on remembering things in 2016. But back to the story... After a not so bad 28 hour flight with both Japan Airlines and American Airlines, I …

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Phew, that was some year

Here I am writing this entry on Monday as an early preparation to prevent my bullishly bad timing to kick in. By the the time this blog entry goes live, I'll be on a plane headed to my next journey. Pre writing this article was most definitely required as I have a pretty bad track …

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Burgerlab for lunch

I think this is the first time ever that I am blogging about food here and this is somewhat of a breakthrough moment. Basically every single day of the week I am talking all about technology but I do watch Masterchef. Today, in this inaugural blog post I will be talking about lunch at MyBurgerlab. …

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