It’s over

Semester review Day 127 of my journey here in America. Today, I hit a major milestone. At 4:30PM, I completed my last final exam and also my very first semester here in America. It is hard to believe how fast time has passed, feels like yesterday that I just arrived on campus and staring at …

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Everything but the sun

Arizona (or phoenix) is well known for it's sunny weather all year long and in fact, the temperature during Summer last year actually broke the charts at over 47 degrees or a little over 100F. But surprisingly, there was rain all week long in Phoenix and from what I have been told again and again, …

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Hello America

Well, this is a little awkward. This entry was supposed to go up last week but only today did I remember that this is still a draft. Gotta work on remembering things in 2016. But back to the story... After a not so bad 28 hour flight with both Japan Airlines and American Airlines, I …

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